The Kenny Neighborhood Association includes three committees that work for your neighborhood.


Beautification and Green Space Committee

The Beautification and Green Space Committee is charged with improving the overall look and feel of the Kenny Neighborhood wherever possible. Primary areas of focus are Kenny Park and Grass Lake, but efforts extend to the neighborhood at large. Projects currently underway include the Kenny Community Garden (located on the grounds of City Church), graffiti cleanup and prevention, and the Fall Buckthorn Bust. 


Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee focuses on all things transportation - walking, biking, airplanes, complete streets - in order to make Kenny a safe place to live, work and play.



Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee works to further engage community members both with the board but also with each other. For example, the Community Engagement Committee could host a happy hour for young professionals, or provide funding and promotion support for the young parents' group. 

Subgroups:  Kicking Back Kenny Committee, Communications Committee and the Ice Cream Social


If you are interested in assisting any of these committees (you do not need to be a board member), please click here and fill out the appropriate information on our contact form.