Kenny Neighborhood Association

Board Member Backgrounds – 2020-2021


Isaac Accola:
Isaac and his wife, Alison, moved to Kenny in 2019. Originally from central Wisconsin, they quickly fell in love with the lakes and green spaces that Minneapolis had to offer and felt Kenny was the perfect neighborhood to enjoy both of these. On the weekend, you will typically find them biking, kayaking the creek/lakes, taking their dog, Meeko, for a walk and of course cheering on their Badgers on fall Saturdays. As a board member, Isaac is looking to help foster neighborhood communications and maintain quality livability for current and future residents.  


Bruce Anderson:
Bruce has lived in the Kenny neighborhood for the past 19 years, and is a lifelong Minneapolis resident. Bruce and his wife, Linda, raised their two sons in this neighborhood and appreciate all the wonderful people and amenities this community has to offer. Bruce recently retired from a career in Employee Benefits Management and would like to use more of his free time toward volunteer activities.

Bruce currently co-leads a support group for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, volunteers at Joyce Uptown Food Shelf, and is a member of the Citizens Climate Lobby. He also enjoys hiking, biking, golf and spending time with friends and family.


Colleen Dillon:
I believe that knowing my neighbors and having an active role in the community is a very important part of living in a vibrant, safe and loving community.  I moved to Kenny on March 2nd, 2020 and feel so fortunate to have found my home here.  I am blessed with two children who are married and live nearby and am Grandmother to their four wonderful children.

I have a history of community service, having served in my last two neighborhoods and believe in the benefits of having an active and engaged community.  I served on the board of Loring Green West Condo Association as the Secretary, and as President of the 4948 Bryant Ave So Condo Association board. 

I am a semi-retired person.  My first career was in marketing and I worked at several of the Fortune 500 companies here locally.  My encore career is with the MN Historical Society, where I am an interpreter / guide at the State Capitol and the James J. Hill House.

As a board member, and homeowner, I would work to support positive activity both on the board and in support of the Kenny Neighborhood Association homeowner’s community.  I would support projects and change that benefit the community and maintain the physical integrity of our neighborhood.  I would use my background as a good communicator to engage and inform our community. 

On my own time, I love to work in my yard, hang out with my family whenever possible and write music when the creative spirit is upon me.

I stand for generosity and a kindness of spirit, while working hard to do what needs to be done.  I take a great deal of pride in both areas.  I can be counted on by others; my family, friends, work colleagues and community.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve the Kenny community as a board member.


Carol Martinson:
Carol and her family have lived in Kenny for over 30 years, and were immediately welcomed to the neighborhood by the block captain when they moved in. A great sign of a great neighborhood! Carol has worked in security and safety her entire career and left full time corporate work six years ago. She has her own consulting business, and is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Minnesota. Now with a more flexible schedule she is able to actively participate in the board and serve as a block captain for the best block in the neighborhood – 5900 Emerson!


Rick Oknick:
Rick has been a resident of the Kenny neighborhood since 2012. He and his wife, Sarah, reside on Grass Lake with their 2 children. Rick is focused on creating a vibrant, safe, and fun community that all of our neighbors can enjoy. In his free time he enjoys drinking coffee, playing video games, running Grass Lake, and cycling. 


Chuck Ott:
Chuck and his wife, Wendy, moved to Kenny in October of 2017 from their house in Lynnhurst because they loved the single story houses that Kenny had to offer! Both are Minneapolis born and bred and attended Burroughs Elementary School. Chuck is a fiber engineer with Zayo Group and Wendy handles Medicare Part D for Prime Therapeutics. Their kids are four legged Standard Poodles named Bella & Levi. Chuck and Wendy are both active in the Lake Harriet Yacht Club and can be found racing sailboats there on the weekends. 


Anil Reddy:
Anil and his wife, Nadine, have lived in Minneapolis since 2005: 9 years in Windom, and 1.5 blocks north of Kenny Park the last 4+ years. Spring through fall, Anil can regularly be found running somewhere along the Grand Rounds or biking one of the many gravel routes that are accessed via the same trails. In the winter, Anil is attempting to get just good enough at cross country skiing to keep up with his northern-bred family members. With two children at Kenny Community School (and eventually Anthony Middle School), Anil & family are invested in the Kenny neighborhood for the foreseeable future. Anil would like for Kenny to continue to be among the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Minneapolis. As board member, Anil will be advocating for efforts to build and maintain a cohesive community that is engaged with its schools, parks, and sister neighborhoods. 


Nancy Hoyt Taff:
Nancy, and her husband, John, moved into Kenny the spring of 2012. A lifelong Twin Cities resident, Nancy was thrilled to 'discover' Kenny tucked in just south of the lakes. She loves exploring the city on her bike or during long runs, and appreciates how close Kenny is to all the action while still retaining its quiet community charm. Nancy is interested in land-use issues and making Kenny safe and accessible for walking and biking.  


Rachel Zahn:
Rachel moved to Kenny neighborhood with her husband, Geoff, and dog, Tucker in December 2018 and is looking to get involved in her new neighborhood. Rachel has a background in Marketing and Public Relations and currently works at Cargill on the Truvia Natural Sweetener marketing team. When not working, Rachel enjoys cooking, yoga and exploring new restaurants and breweries.