preventionOn October 25th, overnight we had four reported burglaries in close proximity with each other where the suspect cut the screens of windows or entered through an unlocked door.  

  1. 58XX Emerson Ave S. (attempt only) Suspect entered through open porch screen door and bathroom window screen was removed, no entry was made.
  2. 58XX Emerson Ave S. – Suspect entered through unlocked porch door and stole several items along with victims vehicle.
  3. 58XX Colfax Ave S. – (attempt only) Screen window was cut.
  4. 60XX Fremont Ave S. – (attempt only) Screen window was cut.

On November 1st, there were two additional reported burglaries:

  1. 55XX Aldrich Ave S. (attempt only) Screen window was cut, owner scared them away.
  2. 55XX Aldrich Ave S. (attempt only) Screen porch window was cut.

 Burglary PreventionTips: 

Keep exterior doors locked with quality dead bolts, and long strike plates, including garage service doors. Keep doors locked EVEN WHILE YOU ARE HOME. Some of these burglaries are occurring while residents are working from home during the day.

Pin all windows that can be reached from the ground, including those that can be reached by standing on lawn furniture. 

Install good exterior lighting.  Criminals do not like being seen and lighting up your home’s exterior can help you and your neighbors better identify suspects.

Consider using security cameras.  The cost is low, quality is high, set-up is easy, and many models are readily available.  Recommendations can be found online including here:  

Know your neighbors and share this this information with them.